• Our Mission

    To make greater contribution to society, we continue to evolve as a public equity investment company.

  • Message

    Total market cap of listed companies worldwide amounts to above USD 70Tn. Given the size of the public equity markets and the potential influence of equity ownership on companies, we believe that a state of equity investments in listed companies affects future social progress substantially. As an investor participating in the public equity markets, we make much of companies creating meaningful long-term social impact. We strive to evolve as a public equity investment company to better support such companies.

  • What We Do



    Our vision is "Asia’s public equity investment company deeply and diversely connected to society, with members active and full of life."

    Investment in listed companies tends to be seen virtual activity in front of monitors or isolated work looking for self-profit. However, it is originally tied with various parts of society and plays an indispensable role.
    We aim to create a place in this industry where each member continues to develop both as an investor and as an individual through works aligned with his or her personal values and passion. We believe connection to society is a fundamental basis for sustainable contribution of our members to the world and their happiness.


  • Who We Are

    Hidehiro Moriya

    Hidehiro joined R Financial Investment (RFI) in Nov. 2015. Prior to joining RFI, he worked as a fund manager at Sparx Asset Management in Japan, where he spent around 10 years with successful track record as a manager of Japanese mid and small cap equity funds. Earlier his carrier, he was with investment banking division of Morgan Stanley Japan. Hidehiro received a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Tokyo.

    Shuhei Morofuji

    Shuhei is also the founder of SMS [2175, TSE 1st section] and has been CEO for 11 years. SMS is one of the largest Asian healthcare information platforms through internet in 13 countries.
    SMS has engaged in over 30 businesses, acquired/invested over 20 companies all over the world and has been brought up by Shuhei in $500M market capitalization.
    Shuhei has personally invested in about 10 start-up companies and keeps supporting. He graduated from Kyushu University with B.A. in Economics
  • Group

    Parent Company
    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of R FINANCIAL INVESTMENT PTE LTD and the holding company of the group.
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